Knicks J.R. Smith suspended five games by league for failed drug test

black-sports-online-jr-smith-tweet-oralAnd just when all the Knicks fans get ready to gear up and show New York’s favorite team we never would have thought this would happen. Well I know I didnt see it coming. JR Smith is known for his partying ways but when he shows up on the court you would think he has his head in the game. I guess this will be one party JR wish he never attended. It seems to me that suspending him for 5 games is a little excessive but who am I to judge. His PR team needs to get to working on getting him back in the publics good graces. He needs to gain the trust back from his fans come on JR make us believe that you wont be this careless again!


J.R. Smith, the Knicks reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year, has been suspended by the league for the first five games of the coming NBA season for failing a drug test.

The league made the news official but Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports had the story first, before it was official.

The suspension is for the first five games Smith is able to play, remember he had off-season knee surgery and there are questions about whether he would be ready to go by opening night. Whenever he is able to come back, that is when the suspension starts.

Five games is the telltale suspension for having tested positive for marijuana use three times in the annual league drug tests. League policy dictates that the first two times a player tests positive he is sent for treatment but there are no fines or suspensions, and nothing is made public. On…

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